Author: Stephen Broomer

Stephen Broomer (b. 1984) is an experimental filmmaker, film preservationist, and independent scholar. His films have screened throughout North America and Europe, at venues such as the Art Gallery of Ontario, the San Francisco Cinematheque, and Lincoln Center. In 2015, his films were the subject of a retrospective and anthology, The Transformable Moment: The Films of Stephen Broomer (Ottawa: Canadian Film Institute, 2015). His first book, Hamilton Babylon: A History of the McMaster Film Board, will be published in October 2015. He recently completed his PhD on the subject of difficult aesthetics in the origins of the Canadian avant-garde film.

Notes for the Expanding Light

    I. The Transformable Moment The moment is an indefinite measure of time into which almost all experience falls. It is the conclusive present and it permeates all written past. It forms in our vision and consciousness. History enters…